May 26, 2018

Carving Out the Cash: Make Your Own Backpacking Gear


Flickr Photo Credit: Mil8

OK. I admit it. I have let my sewing skills atrophy far too much to jump in and do this right away. However, if your skills are sharp, here’s an article with several sets of directions for various types of gear, as well as a list of books on the subject. There was a sergeant who designed and sewed his own ruck sack for 6 bucks. No, I did not forget a zero.

I’m very impressed with this page. There are tons of different sets of directions for creating your own stuff, backpacks, shelters, snowshoes, the works. These guys really put in a ton of effort to compile these resources. If you’re serious about shaving off every nickel from your trip budget, and have the skills to attempt some of these projects, then I highly recommend this page.