June 25, 2018

Work Your Way Around the World

Work Your Way Around the World

Flickr Photo Credit: Woodley Wonderworks

For those of you on an extreme travel budget who want to stay on the road for an extended period of time, one issue makes its way to the top: money.

If you don’t mind picking up work along the way, you just might be able to stay on the road indefinitely. Here are a few resources I found:

Any Work Anywhere:  You can select a country, a job category or both as your search criterion. I’ve seen positions for teaching, adventure travel guides, resort cooks, sports counselors, etc.

Escape Artist: This site has been around a while now, and is usually looking for e-book and e-report writers. I haven’t worked for them myself, but I am interested in exploring the option. If any of you have, I would love it if you would post your experiences via a comment.

Transitions Abroad: These guys have links and reports on the subject.

I would also think travel writing and photography would be fun to explore, although quite competitive I would think. I have a fair amount of information about teaching abroad, but I feel it needs its own separate post, which I will do at a later time.

Update: You know, it’s always interesting to go back and read posts I wrote before I ever knew where blogging would take me. I have indeed tried my hand at travel writing, and now have my own column. However you decide to work your way around the world, know that you can do it if you just put your mind to it and remain committed.