June 25, 2018

Maintaining Flexibility: The Online Teaching Arena


Flickr Photo Credit: Web Chicken

Online teaching is an extremely flexible way to use your teaching credentials in support of your location-independent lifestyle. More opportunities are beginning to arise for those who don’t necessarily want to teach at the college level, making it a more accessible money-earning option. Here are several resources to begin to explore the concept. 

Flex Jobs: I’ve actually used this one myself to land a variety of freelance writing gigs. They do however, list a fair numer of online teaching jobs on a regular basis. So if you’re looking to try your hand at a number of options including teaching, this might be a helpful resource for you.

Tutor Nation: This site allows you to negotiate your rate directly with students, but you do have to pay a registration fee to the site. That being said, they do go on record as saying if you do not receive tutoring referrals, then they will extend your membership for free.

Worldwide Work at Home: This site is geared for work at home opportunities. However, I would think this would be very conducive to long term house sitting or single destination traveling where you will have a hookup to internet. Also, the RV crowd might find this of use. This link is for teaching jobs online, but there also a main section of the site with a job board for other work from home opportunities such as freelance writing, blogging, transcription, etc. There are international telecommuting job opportunities here as well.

Got more info? Sound off, so the rest of us can benefit. Looking forward to hearing from you.