September 17, 2019

Recipes for the Road: Gourmet Sandwich Night

Gourmet Sandwich Night While Traveling

Flickr Photo Credit: Moriza

With a huge loaf of French, Italian or similar type of bread and a selection of pot-luck filling options (peppers, sliced cheese, meats, condiments, etc.), this can make for a really fun gathering.

I was at a PTA meeting once where they did this. Everyone had a great time, and no one had to break from their budget goals. Add some fruit or other crunchy snack, some beverage options and paper products.

Your fellow travelers at the hostel will appreciate your throwing this evening activity together. Here are some additional sandwich ideas if you really feel like going the extra mile.

Have any pics or details from a dinner party you had on the road? We’d love to know about them.

This sandwich discussion was submitted to the September 23, 2009 edition of Wanderfood Wednesday.


  1. Wanderluster says:

    I often forget the power of a good sandwich. One of my favorite condiments is avocado or a guacamole spread with some vegetables. Not having grown up with avocados, it always a treat for me!

  2. webmaster says:

    Hi Wanderluster! You are SO right on the avacado. When we were in Peru we noticed how cheap they are there and bought some at the market nearly every day. They add so much to a sandwich or even to a regular meal as a side dish. Love, love, love ‘em.

  3. jessiev says:

    YUM!! i love good sandwiches, too.