September 22, 2019

Pet Sitting Tip: Medication Administration Chart


Photo Credit: Lab GP & Sig Other

Does your furry friend have more meds than Carter has liver pills? Keep you and your pet sitter sane with a simple DIY med chart.

Because one of our dogs has multiple daily medication passes with various time schedules, we developed a photo-copy ready pdf chart for each week, including each time slot and which medication needed to be delivered for each box to be checked off.

Basically, this is just a simple spread sheet with rows and columns designed to fit in the times, pet names and types of meds distributed. You can either check off or initial the boxes after each pass, depending on how many people you have passing medications in your house.

Our close friend and pet sitter found this to be helpful, particularly since she has more than one person in the house passing doggy meds. Communication and organization are key in any household, particularly so when you have unusual medical conditions to accommodate.