September 22, 2019

Pet Sitting Tip: Maintaining Family Contact


Flickr Photo Credit: Aussiegall

Want to look like a rock star to your new house and pet sitting clients? Maintaining family contact and sharing information goes a long way towards increasing everyone’s comfort factor. Read on for some ideas.

One of the many things our friend did for us during a rather long pet sit was to keep us up to date on our dogs’ well-being via informational emails (funny stories, doctor visits, new behaviors, etc.), digital pictures and short video clips of their various antics. This really made us feel connected to the furry children we missed so much.

Now that we have recently started a three-week house sit in Amman, Jordan, we are taking steps to set up a documentation and communication system for keeping the owners in touch with their fluffy kids. Some ideas?

  • Video clips of animated behavior
  • Information on how the animals are behaviorally adjusting to the separation.
  • Fun activities you have planned or done with the pets.
  • Candid digital pics. 
  • Anecdotal notes on any treat baking parties you had for the animals.

Have any other pet – sitting documentation ideas? We’re all ears . . .