August 23, 2019

Pet Sitting and Travel Tip: The Kong Is King


Flickr Photo Credit: James Khoo

Having extra treats on hand is always helpful when pets are going through any sort of transition. So are special toys and things to “work” at while they are processing. The perfect combination? Pet kongs.

These hollow, hydrant-shaped toys and treat holders are the perfect solution to keeping your dog entertained and appeased during travel, doctor visits, chaotic family events and caregiver transitions.

Many recipes and ideas for kong stuffing are available online, including:

If you’re not feeling creative but want to have a kong option on tap when your favorite canine needs one, keep a bulk container of peanut butter on hand. Line or fill the kong with the nut butter and serve room temp or frozen. This is a favorite with most dogs, and super affordable for most family budgets.