August 18, 2019

Hotel Review: Hebron Youth Hostel – Jerusalem, Israel

Picture from inside the Hebron Youth Hostel in Jerusalem

Photo Credit: Astroguyz.Com

A dirt cheap option is Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter, this place offers open dorm beds for about 25 shekels each, with shared bathroom.

Private rooms are available, but there was no private bath option and they were small. There is a fridge but no kitchen, and a common seating and reading area sans television. David really dug some of the art work on the walls, pictured below.


Photo Credit: Astroguyz.Com

Staffed by volunteer travelers, this place is in easy walking distance to most of the old city’s tourist stops. Downstairs there is an affordable (although not terribly efficient) restaurant with internet service. Housed in an old building with vaulted ceilings and cleaned daily. It’s not fancy, but do-able for penny pinchers. We have to say, it made us feel even more like we were on a pilgrimage, especially with the wide range of ages and personality types residing there.

Located at 8 Aqabat at-Takiya Street. In country phone number: 628-1101.


  1. Hey Myscha, your posts on B&B and Hostels are great! This one has no price in USD though. I have loved the photos you and David took!

  2. myscha39 says:

    Hello again. The conversion rate when we were there was about 5 shekels to the US dollar. So each bed at the Hebron Youth Hostel was about 5 bucks. Not bad for hot water, great water pressure and a clean convenient location to sleep while touring the old city. Hope this helps.