May 26, 2018

Carving Out the Cash: A New Middle East Airline Alternative


Flickr Photo Credit: BabaSteve

During the Middle East leg of our around the world trip, a friend and fellow traveler recommended a new regional budget airline.

Jazeera Airways. In our opinion, it’s a hit!

They leave on time, the price is right, and there’s a decent amount of leg room in the coach section. Beverages, snacks and meals are available for purchase. A word to the wise? Our friend has advised us that if you are looking to connect to another destination via a location in the middle, this airline may not be for you. If flights are weather-cancelled for example, resulting in missed connections, don’t expect any compensation.

However, if you are going on individual legs (which is what we did) or don’t mind working around extra layover time to avoid missed legs, this company might be just the ticket. Did we mention they are dirt cheap?