August 18, 2019

Restaurant and Hotel Review: Jasmine Pension and Restaurant

 Outdoor ocean front horseriding in Dahab, Egypt.

Photo Credit: TrekHound.Com

Fresh off the bus in Dahab? Received just about all the enthusiastic hotel pitches from well meaning drivers you can stand? Check this one out.

This friendly little establishment on the beach promenade in Dahab (South Sinai), Egypt is a perfect relaxing getaway from the rigors of travel. They don’t have a ton of rooms, and the ones they have can be a bit small, but they are clean, charming and come with a private bath. Our cost for a double? About ten bucks.

The establishment also has a restaurant with a fairly diverse menu and comfy cushions with low tables right on the water. The staff is also super  helpful, which goes a long way with us.

Phone / Fax: 069-640-852