September 17, 2019

Carving Out the Cash: Living in an Automobile


Flickr Photo Credit: Dan Taylor

I first heard about the internet community for in-car living while waiting with my husband for a MAC flight from Hawaii to Japan.

A young girl who was looking for alternative ways to follow her dreams mentioned a few of her favorite resources while we were all discussing ways to be an effective tightwad road warrior.

I decided to do a little internet research on my own, and here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

  • A Google discussion group on minimalist / survival / car living. This looks more like something geared for the temporarily homeless, rather than someone trying to travel long term or pursue an artistic endeavor. But whatever floats your boat . . .
  • Living in Cars:  A web site that promotes a book by an author who has spent ten consecutive years doing exactly that . . . as a preferred lifestyle, no less. Interesting concept.
  • Van Dweller:  Web site of an individual who has embraced alternative living as a way to follow his own spiritual and personal path.
  • Couple who has traveled and lived quite extensively in a VW camper van while having access to phone, laptop / internet, cooking, etc. It has a pop up top to allow for more headroom while standing to cook in the galley, and a pull out awning to sit in chairs outside while parked at camp grounds.  Worth a read and review.
  • Leaf Pile:  Another couple who is trying out the van living / travel combo in Europe.
  • VW Vagabonds:  A couple who travels extensively abroad in a VW van. Lots of how to information here.
  • Enchanted Gypsy:  An alternative living blog with various housing ideas, including refinishing the inside of an old bus and putting a mountain bike with it to have a true home on wheels.

Got a great car-dwelling resource to recommend? Sound off below!