August 23, 2019

Hotel Review: Colonial Palace in Cusco, Peru

Colonial Palace in Cuzco, Peru.

Photo Credit: TrekHound.Com

The Colonial Palace in Cusco is really quite charming, and we are excited to have a found so much atmosphere for such a great price. It’s a quaint place to base our exploration of Peru’s Sacred Valley, and conveniently located near most of Cusco’s attractions. 

Our cost? Twenty dollars, although we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t get this great a deal during the busy season. It’s an old colonial mansion with interior courtyards and several communal seating areas.

Lots of art on the walls, plants everywhere and tons of color. The outdoor breakfast area is pleasant and we get English language CNN in the room. North American’s should be advised that this establishment’s definition of heat is decidedly European. That was fine with us, but others may prefer something different while touring Peru.

It’s at least 600 years old, and has numerous additional services such as faxing, safe box and laundry. You can contact them yourself with the following information from their brochure: ph (084) 232151 fax: (084) 232329 Address: Calle Quera 270 Cuzco, Peru. .

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