June 20, 2018

Travel Tip: Multiple Uses for a Travel Padlock

travel padlock

Flickr Photo Credit: LizJones112

These things come in handy more often than  you might think. Here are some of the ways we’ve been using thus far:

  • Locking the zipper ends of a particularly sensitive area of your day pack.
  • Gym or storage locker / containers  at a hostel, train station or backpacker’s campground.
  • As a duffel lock if you are stuffing backpacks and other luggage with loose straps into something a bit more protective for storage under a bus or on a plane.
  • Locking your own hostel or dorm room if locks are not provided. This is also true if there is a closet (check for false backs or bottoms first) in your room and you want to have things doubly secured while you are out for the day.
  • Locking the zippered ends of your tent flaps. Not fool-proof, but if your tent camp provides locked storage additionally, it’s at least an added deterrent.

An added tip? Make sure that for the u-shaped feed-through section of your lock, you purchase one that is thin enough to fit through various sizes of holes, and long enough to accommodate other deeper attachments. David and I each have a basic one of these that we carry as a rule for the gym and other things. But he also brought a couple of extra mini locks on the trip, and I’m glad he did. We can already see times when we’ll need more than 1-2, but don’t want to carry more than a couple of the larger ones. Bottom line? Choose the number and size that fits your own travel style, but strongly consider buying at least one.