October 22, 2018

Travel Tip: Luggage Tags

luggage tag

Flickr Photo Credit: NinjaPoodles

What information do you want on your luggage identification tags? While it’s true you certainly want to be found if separated from your luggage, there are a few things to consider.

  1. Security. While you need to have contact information provided so the airlines may reach you when they find your luggage, you may not necessarily want to have your physical street address spelled out on your luggage tag. For those of questionable moral character, it is simply an invitation to find your address while you are away and see what else you may have worth stealing. For single women, there are additional security risks to posting your full physical address. Consider a telephone number or email address. Then, when you have to provide a delivery address, at least it hasn’t been floating around for any stalker or thief to see.
  2. Access. Unless you are on your return trip home, chances are any address you may write down has nothing to do with where you’ll be when you need your lost luggage. If you want to be able to be contacted no matter where you are when your bags are found, an international cell phone number and web-based email address are probably best.

Happy traveling!