May 26, 2018

Restaurant Review: Si Senor in Miraflores – Lima, Peru

Si Senor Mexican Restaurant in Lima, Peru.


When we heard there was an authentic Mexican bar and restaurant just down the street from Inkawasi in Miraflores, we were stoked. Would it be all we hoped for after several weeks on the road? 

This place has phenomenal Tex Mex food and a really fun, fiesta type of atmosphere. The margaritas are great, as well as the chicken fajitas. Our favorite pick? The dish that David ordered which was chicken and mushrooms cooked in a sinfully-rich creamy tequila sauce and served with a side of Mexican rice. It was definitely one of those “Oh my God” types of meals. The guacamole wasn’t half bad either, and the staff was very friendly.

So if you happen to be traveling to Lima, Peru stop by and check out the food at Si Senor. It’s definitely worth it.

Photo Credit: This photograph and other pictures of Lima, Peru were photographed by the team here at Trek Hound. You can access this image and others via a creative commons agreement for online publishing on our sister site, Pictures of Travel Places.