December 14, 2018

January 17, 2007 Getting from Guayaquil to Lima

Tumbes street art

Photo Credits: TrekHound.Com

This was quite a project. Issues to be considered? Price, logistics, and trying to do it without pulling an all nighter.

Flying direct was completely outrageous, and taking even the high-end express bus without stopping was a minimum of 24 hours. We originally thought we would break up the trip to Lima with several bus trips, stopping along the way to see what we could see, such as the ruins around Chiclayo.

The first leg was to Tumbes from Guayaquil on the world class express bus option. These are definitely more comfortable than the crowded local buses we have previously taken. It was a nice double-decker with huge seats, leg room, foot rests, AC, bathrooms, movies and a hot meal and beverage service half-way through the trip.  The company is called Ormeno, and you can book your passage with them in Guayaquil at the international bus terminal. One thing we did notice . . . our guide book read as though all of the international entry and exit paperwork would be taken care of on the bus. It really (at least for our experience) is more of a situation where you are guided through the process by the bus staff. You will need to get off the bus each time, wait in line, get the forms, get the passport stamped, etc. However, you do still get across the border without too much difficulty.

Once in Tumbes, there isn’t much to see, although there is a pleasant central plaza area with a precious little folk-art style church, and some other public mosaic art pieces.


One of the art niches in the town of Tumbes.


The church in the main plaza. I thought this was just precious.


  1. eva says:

    i am trying to get from guayaquil direct to lima by an ormeno bus is this possible? if so do u know where to get it or what company is good we want to get a ormeno bus if at all possible. where did u get the bus from and what company did u use ? we are trying to get it tomorrow but cannot find any info on it

  2. myscha39 says:

    Hi Eva! We got the ticket directly from Ormeno at their bus terminal down town. We got the directions from the office staff at the Dream Kapture hostel, but I believe their number and address was also in the Lonely Planet book. Good luck!

  3. Lucy says:


    I would like to know if I can get the ormeno international bus FROM CUENCA (IN ECADOR) TO PERU…. OR DOES IT ONLY GO FROM GUYAQUAIL??


  4. myscha39 says:

    Hi Lucy. My husband and I just checked out the map, and judging by how things worked when we were there, I don’t think so. We also looked for a general Ormeno web site, and one did not come up. However, here is the main number for Ormeno (at least it was when we were there) 229-7362. Good luck, Lucy. Peru is awesome!

  5. myscha39 says:

    Oh, snap! Hey Lucy. . . my husband just remembered that the Ormeno bus out of Guayaquil stopped at several different locations on the way down to drop off and pick up people. While you might not be able to get there from the town you mentioned, you might be able to make it happen without backtracking all the way to Guayaquil. Also, if you can local bus hop it all the way to Tumbes in Peru (just across the border), you can catch a flight direct to Lima.