December 14, 2018

1-14-07 Hanging out at Cabanas La Tortuga in Ayampe, Ecuador

Cabana Tortuga view

Photo Credits: TrekHound.Com

How did the stay start out at our little beach paradise? Read on to find out.

While the night in the cabin tent was certainly fine . . . lots of room, electricity, clean, linens and private bath included, lockable cabinet, screened windows, etc. . . . we were excited to move to our beach front cabana today. If we were staying here long term, the cabin tents (6.50 per person per night) would be an extremely doable and affordable way to go . . . but right now we are in decompression mode from Western society. A 24-hour visual on the ocean waves and sand is at the top of our agenda. And at $26 bucks a night, our beach front cabana in Ayampe, Ecuador with fan, electricity, small porch with table, chairs and hammocks with ocean view meets the requirment.

The place? Cabanas La Tortuga . . . look for them in our hotel review section and at . Meanwhile, back at the beach . . . today has been spent snapping pictures, napping, reading, blog writing for tomorrow´s trip to Puerto Lopez, beach walking, and wave splashing. Oh yeah, and beer drinking. Because, as David so eloquently puts it . . . beer won´t drink itself!

Tonight, we´re enjoying a leisurely pasta dinner by candlelight, as the power went out a few minutes ago. Very nice.

*We have placed more pictures of Ecuador in various photo galleries on Pictures of Travel Places, our sister site.


  1. It looks like you are both having an amazing time! You’re in my thoughts.