January 23, 2019

1-12-07 Waking up at Dream Kapture

Interior courtyard picture of Dream Kapture hostel in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Photo Credits: TrekHound.Com

Our first night in-country, and a late arrival at that. How would we feel about this place in the morning?

This is a fabulous hostel! You can have either open group or private accommodation. Bathrooms are shared but spotless and private. The rooms are equally clean. The staff is friendly and the place is full of colorful tropical /Bohemian style.

Breakfast is included, and they have their own travel office on site. Prices range from $12 – $24. You can certainly find less expensive establishments, but if you are unfamiliar with the city, it´s nice to know you´ll be landing at a secure, clean establishment, however sparce. It´s conveniently located near the airport in Guayaquil towards the northern suburbs. We think this is a great start or finish location for jumping off to other activities. The murals are also fabulous. You can check them out for yourself on the Dream Kapture web site.  FYI . . . their on site travel office has extremely helpful staff (Monica – she´s the same person who´ll help you book a room if you need English language assistance.) and can book very affordable packages to the Galapagos Islands for nearly every budget. They do get back to you via email response, so your questions will not go into a black hole. Also, there´s an internet cafe around the corner, private taxi service nearby and a pharmacy at the end of the street.

Photo Credit: Trek Hound – Other pictures of Ecuador that we have taken are available for online use through a creative commons agreement we have set up on a sister web site, Pictures of Travel Places.