September 22, 2019

Drury Inn by the Airport in Nashville, Tennessee


Photo Credit: Trek Hound

How did we feel about the pet friendly atmosphere of the Drury Inn in Nashville? Read on for details.  We arrived late last night, and were pleasantly surprised by the quality and size of the room. Apparently, we lucked into a special weekend rate. Taxes and fees included, the price still totaled out at under $75. There’s a heated indoor / outdoor pool, hot tub, huge king sized bed which had ample room for both David and I and the dogs. They include an hour’s free long distance per night, high speed internet, a great hot breakfast buffet and evening snack and beverage buffet. There’s a guest laundry as well. The dogs enjoyed relaxing on the bed watching Animal Planet on cable last night while David and I went out for beverages and snacks at Ruby Tuesday down the street. Not a large spot for the dogs to romp or anything, but the room at least had enough space for them to lounge and play a bit, which the one in El Paso did not. The room has a big recliner by the window that has Maggie’s name written all over it.  David also fixed sausage and biscuit sandwiches from the breakfast buffet downstairs and brought them up for the dogs. Between that and yesterday’s cheeseburger stop in Hope, Arkansas, they’re not going to want to go back to regular doggie food. The end recommendation? We would use this hotel again, especially with these great weekend rates.

The picture shown is of our oldest doggie daughter, Beauty, enjoying the king sized bed and cable.