September 22, 2019

Canine Hotel Reviews: Best Value Inn, El Paso


Looking for a suitable pet friendly room for the night? This one could go either way.  

This hotel appears to be in the process of converting to a Super 8, with half of the building’s rooms being completely gutted and the other half freshly redone. As pet friendly hotels go, the price is certainly right. After the $10 pet deposit and taxes the total still came in at under $60. Location – right off the highway with various restaurant and gas options within walking distance. Based on these factors alone, we would probably use this hotel again.

As for having a lot of facilities to make it easier to stay with the pets . . . not really. David had read some mixed reviews online. Some positive, some portraying this hotel as seedy, scary and borderline skid row. I can see how the negatives would have been true in the recent past, which is probably why they were gutting so many of the rooms. Our room was clean with fresh paint, newly installed tub and shower unit, and new carpet, window / bed linens. The driveway and swimming pool were also being redone while we were there, and the staff was extra friendly.

All in all, we probably would use this hotel again if were passing through with the dogs, but wouldn’t necessarily promote it as a major vacation “must-do”.

 The photo shown is of Maggie, hanging out in our hotel room in El Paso, waiting to hit the road that morning.