May 20, 2018

Nomadic Pets: The Doggie Diaper Bag


Flickr Photo Credit: Tanakawho

Having trouble staying organized on your pet trek? Consider a doggie diaper bag.

With all of the paraphernalia required to travel successfully with our furry friends, a user-friendly organizational tool is key.  Our solution? A crafter’s backpack that we’ve dubbed the “doggie diaper bag”. Purchased from JoAnn’s Fabrics, the bag was designed for the physically active scrapbooker, crafter or artist. With all of the compartments and sections, we saw it as the perfect solution for “on the go” outings with the dogs. It also has places to hook things on the outside, such as the two collapsible travel bowls I bought at Target with carabiner clips attached (about five dollars each).

Some of the things we’ve packed inside? Extra treats, pet medicine, toys, doggie-doo pick up bags, and a great little bag dispenser that we also picked up at Target. It can clip to a belt, dog collar, or the outside of the backpack and is extremely compact. Using this backpack is a convenient way to not only travel with the dogs, but to always be ready for a quick trip to the mountains, beach or a relative’s home.

We’ve used this strategy on a drive across the country with pets in tow, on a drive down the East Coast when moving with a pet to Florida, and on numerous hotel overnights. We try to keep it mostly packed and stocked at all times, with the exception of pet medicine, which we normally keep in the kitchen unless we’re traveling. It’s our way of being prepared for last-minute fun or emergencies.