June 20, 2018

Travel Tip #4: Ziplocks


Flickr Photo Credit: Tanakawho

OK, you don’t need to care if they are the actual brand or not. But these things are great for keeping your pack organized even when the airport security personnel empty your carefully and efficiently packed bag all over the counter and don’t care that you can’t get everything back in there in less than two minutes.

Groupthings together by category such as medicines, toiletries, cosmetics, socks/underwear, etc. Then put them in a medium sized ziplock bag and squeeze out the extra air. Space bags are great for larger items such as clothing, but for smaller stashes of things ziplocks are much more affordable.

We’ve found that not only does this strategy aid with getting your bag back to rights quickly after airport checks, but also for your own daily use, as you can fish around in your pack and recognize a particular bag category by feel when you are in a hurry. It saves a tremendous amount of search time, leaving you free to actually experience your trip.