October 22, 2018

Travel Tip #3: Caribiner Clips


Flickr Photo Credit: Toc

A friend and former hiking enthusiast turned me on to the many uses of these things, available for non rock climbing use in varying sizes and colors at your local hardware store.

Use one to hold various metal key rings of travel goodies such as silverware, nail clippers, keys, padlocks and anything with an available hole for stringing a clip through. Then select one of those interior loops from your pack, or a strap on the outside for clipping the caribiner to. An extra large one is also nice for clipping to the top loop of your pack, enabling you to conveniently clip your pack to a pole or hook on the back of a poultry truck in the middle of the third world, or to keep your pack off the wet floor of a very shared bathroom in a hostel while you shower, change and hand scrub your laundry in the sink.