September 17, 2019

Saving Space on Cosmetics: A Blushing Alternative

cosmetics savings

Flickr Photo Credit: Coat Hanger Wings

Trimming down on toiletry items for a long trip is necessary, but just how much do you want to go without? I don’t know about you, but there’s only a certain level of frumpiness I’m willing to tolerate.

One idea? Lip liner pencils. By selecting a neutral color, I’ve been able to use one small pencil for lip lining, lip color, and blush. (For cheek color, rub the pencil end on your right ring finger and smooth on to the desired cheek color location.) Items I no longer need to pack? Lipstick, blush compact, and cheek applicator sponge.

Wanna do it on the super cheap? I waited until there was a super Walgreens sale that offered the liner pencils at three for ninety-nine cents. One went with me for the trip, and was still going strong when I got back. For thirty-three cents, you can’t go wrong!