September 17, 2019

Recipes for the Road: Two Simple Menus

Fruit and Cheese Image

Flickr Photo Credit: Blmurch

We hope to have this category grow to include some really nice yet simple meal ideas for use while traveling. For now, here are two quick ideas to have a little atmosphere with your nourishment.

In the park.

For this, you’ll need at least one collapsible travel cup, slim travel corkscrew, multipurpose tool, and if possible the large plastic cover from a coffee can (these are light, take up little pack space, and can be used as a plate or cutting surface). If you see a park or piazza that sparks your interest and it’s close to lunch time, hit the market and get the following items for an impromptu picnic. Wine, specialty cheese, bread or croissants, and fruit. Slice the fruit using the multipurpose tool and coffee can lid, spread the cheese on the bread, and uncork the wine. Simple romance at little more than a moment’s notice.

potato toppers

Flickr Photo Credit: Krossbow

Potato buffet.

This next idea is for an evening when you are at a hostel with kitchen access. Get a bag of baking potatoes and various topper options available at your location such as cheese sauce, broccoli, bacon, sour cream, chili, beans, scallions, etc. Scrub and bake the potatoes and set out the topper options with a spoon or two. Select an appropriate beverage for the evening. This idea would also be great if you have gotten to know your fellow hostel buddies. Everyone can bring an item or two  and join in for an easy social gathering at the end of the day. Here are more potato ideas for inspiration.

This post is part of the August 19, 2009 Wanderfood Wednesday carnival.


  1. I might just use those ideas when I’m cooking at home and in a rush

  2. webmaster says:

    Hi Heather,

    It’s always nice to have some simple ideas on the ready, isn’t it?